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– John C. Maxwell

family portfolio of rental investment properties

From a family office to a client-focused enterprise

Founded in 2019 as an external asset manager for our families growing a real estate portfolios, we transitioned in 2020 to a specialty real estate brokerage focused on helping owners exit real estate investments by selling with owner financing,  and working with sophisticated investors and lenders to make additional acquisitions. 

We help  owners of real estate and investors build a secured, recurring, and sustainable stream of income without the complications that owning, and operating rental property.

Our History

Using profits from his landscaping business, RentalInvesting.com founder James White began acquiring residential property by mortgage assumption in 2003 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

By 2005, as a result of strategic decisions coupled with the Calgary, Alberta, Canada real estate boom, the value of equity appreciation in White’s rental portfolio had exceeded the annual net revenue in his landscape business.


 James White met his American business partner, Andrew Easler, and began investing in the US real estate market. 


  In 2011, Easler invited White to visit the Space Coast of Florida where he discovered promising real estate investment opportunities. 


 James White applied for U.S. permanent residency, earned his real estate license, then started buying, managing, leasing, and selling real estate for himself and others.


 While visiting the Space Coast to celebrate his new permanent residenty status, James’ parents, Tim and Susan, agreed to acquire an equal share in the real estate portfolio.


James White earned his real estate broker license and founded his first retail brokerage.


James White sold his brokerage in late-2017 to focus on the family’s growing portfolio of real estate.


In February 2019,  the family founded ATS Breakwater LLC to buy, manage, lease, and grow the family’s portfolio of real estate.


In 2019, James’ parents, Tim and Susan White obtained their U.S. permanent residency in order to assist James White and Andrew Easler with their growing rental investment business.


 In response to travel restrictions imposed because of COVID-19, the family was asked to temporarily help manage assets of long-time family friends and foreign investors. The family agreed and the temporary agreement soon turned into a permanent management contract. The company had shifted focus and so the name did, too. In July of 2020, the name changed from ATS Breakwater LLC to RentalInvesting.com, LLC.

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Our Family & Friends

James Timothy White, GRI

James Timothy White, GRI

Founder & Real Estate Broker

James Timothy White was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is a citizen of Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. White purchased his first rental investment ag 16-years old by assuming the seller’s mortgage with funds he earned from his landscaping business.

Andrew Easler, Esq.

Andrew Easler, Esq.

Co-Founder, Compliance & Legal

Andrew David Easler was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and is a citizen of the United States. Andrew obtained his JD from the Florida Agriculture & Mechanical University (FAMU) College of Law and was admitted to the Florida Bar in April 2021. Andrew’s primary role is to assist with compliance and day-to-day operations.

Susan White

Susan White

Co-Founder & Operations

 Susan White was born in the United Kingdom, a citizen of Canada,  and is a U.S. permanent resident. Susan’s primary focuses on the day-to-day operations of the firm.

Tim White

Tim White

Co-Founder & Operations

Tim White was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a U.S permanent resident. Tim’s primary role is to assist Susan in day-to-day operations and provide maintenance services to properties when required.

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