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 Our mission is to help real estate sellers generate a secured and sustainable income stream from th sale of their unwanted, underperofrming, vacant and tired properties.

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At we work with sellers in all types of situations including tired landlords, sellers that need to relocate, those facing or about to be foreclosed on, sellers going through a divorce, properties that need work, inherited properties. We are acquire all property types including single family residential, multi-tenant and free-standing commercial, multi-family, land. and other specially real estate like oil and gas wells and leases, mineral properties–if it involved real estate we are interested.

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Our team of local and experienced real estate advisers know the market and will make your a fair seller finance offer quickly.

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Real estate commission is one of the largest expenses when selling a home. When you sell direct to us you pay no real estate commission. 


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Closing costs can be a scary part of the selling process. If we buy your property we will pay all your standard closing costs.

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Once a real estate purchase contact is signed we can close quick with a professional and experienced real estate attorney,





Direct owners of real property often decide that they no longer need or want the responsibilities of direct ownership, but would still rather maintain a passive income stream. This is where seller financing comes into play.

Seller financing allows property owners to obtain a note secured against the property and still receive regular principal and interest payments while eliminating the responsibilities that come with direct ownership.


Why Sell with owner financing?


  • The house is sold “as is,” instead of making costly repairs that might be required by traditional buyers and their banks.
  • Earn better interest rates than many other investments.
  • Sellers gain a secured stream of income with interest rates generally higher than the rate of inflation.
  • If we default (highly unlikely) sellers get the house back, keep the down payment — plus any money that was paid.
  • Receive a fixed monthly payment without the costs and hassles of maintaining the real estate.
  • You can avoid property manager fees and problem tenants since seller financing does not involve the use of a property management company.
  • After the sale is complete, sellers can sell the promissory note (usually at a discounted amount) to a note investor and then receive a lump-sum cash payment.