“Happy tenants are your biggest advocates and can become your most successful sales team.”

– Lisa Masiello

Finding qualified tenants and ensuring that occupancy rates remain high is critical to any rental investment’s success and profitability. In today’s economic climate, matching the right tenants to the right rental is more challenging than ever before.  At RentalInvesting.com, we offer a “set and forget” service, allowing you to follow your passions, instead of worrying about managing your investments.

How Do Our Property & Asset Managers Help Rental Investors?

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market properties & 3D Virutal Tours

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prepare leases

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Collect & Deposit Rent Payments

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Entity Management, Tax Preparation & Filings

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Owner and Tenant Portals

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paid listing promotion on Social Media

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Compliance with laws


Reduce administrative burden


Property Maintenance & vendor management

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Multiple Property Discounts

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find & approve qualified tenants

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reduce vacancy rates & improve cashflow


Eviction Process Handling


property Accounting & Reporting

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real estate investor education

...and much more. As a family office focused on rental investing we know first-hand what services clients demand. Ready to start? If so, give us a call at 1-888-949-9266.


We have developed proprietary underwriting procedures that keep investors happy and tenants coming back for more.


Understanding The Market

Our advisors are experts in local markets and strive to stay-on-top of breakout trends to help rental investors increase occupancy rates while maintaining and increasing revenue whenever possible. We do this by understanding the nuances of local markets.

For example, in residential listings we found that offering a flexible, but carefully-crafted pet policy improves occupancy rates with limited exposure. In residential and commercial properties, increasing energy efficiency, painting the property a new color, or improving exterior landscaping for curb appeal can lower the days on market, attract more qualifying tenants, and allow for increased lease rates.


Understanding Tenants

Our advisors know from hard-won experience that matching qualifying tenants to properties can be a significant challenge. A variety of factors go into finding the perfect match for tenants and property, not just creditworthiness and ability to pay. For example,  a residential property near highly rated schools may be a better fit for families, while a residential property situated near recreational facilities may be a good fir for tenants who love the outdoors. This is even more important in commercial, and industrial rentals where the location, type, and zoning of property is often critical to the overall success of the commercial tenant. 


Quality Tenants

We believe underwriting rules must be reviewed and adjusted with market conditions. Outsourcing the job to professionals helps to lower risk and ensures higher returns over time. While some tenants will still fall on hard times and be unable to pay the rent, thorough underwriting rules reduces  volatility, legal risk, and ultimately increases your long-term risk-adjusted returns.


Tenant HappIness

Our goal is to keep our properties occupied and our investors making money.  Vital to this goal is our open communication, prompt maintenance, and a commitment to a happy ecosystem. Our proactive approach leads to tenant satisfaction and lasting relationships. Happy tenants return and renew year-after-year, refer their family and friends, and are more likely to pay on time, increasing the long-term value and return on rental investments.